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The Most Valuable Person in your life is you.

When you are okay, everyone close to you is okay too. Take a well-deserved time-out and discover how to become your very own M.V.P. no matter which role you play

A winning coneXion!

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M.V.P Parents/Partners

Play an important role in the team and become a valuable part of your loved one’s sporting activity:

  •  Supporting from the sidelines
  •  Enjoying their enthusiasm and energy
  •  Accompanying in their accomplishments
  •  Involved  in their “invisible” day-to-day training
  •  Helping with healthy mental and emotional habits
  •  Communicating compassionately
  •  Celebrating inner wins, consoling challenges
  •  Being connected in a constructive way

A winning coneXion!

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M.V.P Coaches

Bring out the best in you and your players/athletes, connecting your knowledge and experience with their desire to develop.

Focusing on the behind the scenes and the “within” the scenes, we work together in the M.V.P. method offering crucial training of the “invisible”, empowering individual athletes and teams to reach new levels, based on the interactive aspects of enjoyment, learning and performance, during practice sessions and sporting events, games and competitions.

A winning coneXion!

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M.V.P Athletes

For both individual athletes and team players

Discover how to:

  • enjoy, connecting to your true potential
  • take your performance to new levels
  • see problems as challenges and transform them into opportunities
  • unleash and channel the energy which drives you
  • train the M.E., for Mental strength and Emotional control
  • develop a champion mindset
  • create a strategy or “game plan” so you are always prepared for whatever happens
  • connect what goes on within you to your visible performance

A winning coneXion!

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M.V.P Teams

Discover how each member of the team can connect, contribute and celebrate challenges and achievements, working together through team dynamics, team activities and seminars on a variety of aspects to empower and enhance further the mental and emotional make-up of the team.

Lindsay Nixon

Inspiring Results

Who is Lindsay Nixon?

Currently based in Madrid and globally connected
(we can connect wherever you may be, either in person or via online video/audio calls)

  • Focus on bringing out the best through tailor-made coaching, mentoring and training programmes, thanks to
    · more than 25 years working alongside leaders
    · more than 45 years of life experiences!
  • Qualified coach, registered with the ACUK (Association for Coaching of the United Kingdom)
  • Emotional Intelligence & NLP specialist
  • Certified Facilitator of The Inner Game by Tim Gallwey
  • Creator of the exclusive high-impact MVP* programme for personal, sports and professional development, catered for Spanish, English and English language learners (*Most Valuable Player)
  • Collaborator on Spanish RTVE programme for entrepeneurs emprendeTVE
  • Empowering clients through coaching and also as trainer and consultant on a variety of competences, such as communication, decision-making, strategic thinking and planning.
  • Trained and experienced in coaching for competitive sports team and their trainers.

Also your coach and MVP Trainer soon?

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